Exhibit Supply Co. Block Busters Print

13 x 19 in (32 x 47 cm)

ID #101840

"A riot of fun." 

A couple in a "just married" car is flagged down by police asking, "where's the fire?" 

Original poster published by the Exhibit Supply Company circa the mid-late 1940s. This poster would have hung above machines on boardwalks or arcades. They would often promote games, fortune teller cards, or similar attractions. 

 Year: c. 1945 


100-250 1940 BLOCK BUSTERS a Riot of Fun c.1940 Exhibit Supply Co. Cards- BLOCK BUSTERS a Riot of Fun Exhibit Supply Company motorcycle newlyweds original original vintage poster police officer product product autocycles entertainment size-12-5x18-5 small speeding car traffic cop US United States vehicle vintage Exhibit Supply Co. posters