Fiera Svizzera Poster ✓

Switzerland, 1951

26 x 39 in (66 x 99 cm)


"Foire Suisse, Schweizer Messe"

Vintage Swiss poster for a Swiss Fair to be held in Lugano. Written across the bottom of the poster are translations of "Swiss Fair" in three out of the four languages spoken in Switzerland: Italian, French, and German. Illustrated on the poster is a portrait of an ancient Greek or Roman man, a modern take on classic subject matter. 

Artist: A. Patokbi

Printer: Arti Grafiche Lugano

Year: 1951

Condition: Excellent

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

1951 250-500 arm art bare chested france french germany italy leaves legs lugano original poster portrait robe size-26x39 Swiss Switzerland vintage