Flandre Travel Poster ✓

Belgium, c. 1935

25 x 39 in (62 x 99 cm)


"C'est la flandre pourtant qui retient tout mon coeur." 

 It's Flanders, however, that holds all my heart.

This interesting mix of stark black-and-white architecture and delicate green trees promotes tourism in Flanders, Belgium. The beautiful prose are the words of Belgian poet, Émile Verhaeren.

Artist: Keiffer

Printer: E. Stockmans & Co. 

Condition: Excellent

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas. 



*updated 2022

500-1000 architecture BE Belgium Belgium Flanders Flandre FR France french Keiffer medium Original size-24-5x39 travel travel architecture vintage poster

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