L'Infamie Poster

France, 1890

34 x 23 in (85 x 57 cm)


"Lire dans La Petite République Française / L'Infamie Roman Inédit par Oscar Méténier"

Oscar Metenier resigned from the French police force in 1889 to pursue being a playwright. He would often use his real-life experiences while on the force to create popular mystery novels and plays. L'Infamie shocked the masses with its gruesome depiction of murder, and would ultimately go on to inspire the earliest forms of horror movies.

Artist: Jules Cheret

Year: 1890

Condition: Fair, see tape marks and discoloration due to age; Please note that this poster is linen-backed on canvas. For any further inquiries on condition, please email us at postermuseum@gmail.com

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