Foret de Ste Genevieve Poster ✓

France, 1906

29 x 40 in (74 x 102 cm)


Vintage French travel poster showcasing the beauty and quaint charms of two French villages. The poster is illustrated in an impressionistic style, apt for the time period.

"Chemin de fer d'Orleans. Foret de Ste Genevieve et bois de Beausejour. Pres de Juvisy." (Orleans railway. The forest of Ste Genevieve and the woods of Beausejour. Near Juvisy.)

Artist: Tony Martin

Printer: L. Geisler, Paris

Year: 1906

Condition: Good, please note minor tears in the top and bottom right corners

Poster is linen-backed on canvas 


29 x 40.25 in / cm 500-1000 France French french poster french travel genevieve Juvisy medium original poster orleans promenades railway river size-29x40-25 Tony Martin town train trains travel travel poster tree village vintage posters