Freedom From Hunger Forestry Poster


14 x 20 in (36 x 51 cm)

ID #FF9C-PK33-11-LZ

"Forests must be husbanded and developed to meet / tomorrow's needs as well as today's / FAO towards freedom from hunger"

Black and white poster produced for the Freedom From Hunger Campaign, an informational initiative launched by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 1960. The FFHC aimed to raise awareness of inefficient agricultural practices used around the world (particularly in developing countries) and improve them via new techniques and technology to reduce global hunger. This is one of a series of posters depicting agricultural practice and industries in various parts of the world.

This series of posters included an image of inefficient agricultural practices on the left, and an improved version of the same practice on the right. This poster features a comparison of a barren valley with all its trees dead or felled, and a healthy forest on the right. Men stand around a pine tree. FAO logo and slogan in the bottom left corner.

Many environmentalist practices endorsed as 'Western' and 'modernized' were learned from Native American land stewardship sustained across centuries, particularly when it came to forest management.

Condition: Please note creases at top middle and right, and bottom left.

Material: Paper

100-250 environment fao ffhc forest informational international poster sixties size-14-x-20 united nations vintage poster