The Fire Brigade Poster

USA, 1926

22 x 14 in (56 x 36 cm)

ID #FF19C-PK7-5-LZ

"STRAND / Theatre - Ogdensburg / Wed. Thur. Fri. Mar. 16-17-18 / THE EPIC PHOTOPLAY / OF THE HEROES OF PEACE / THE FIRE BRIGADE / A / Metro / Goldwyn / Mayer / PICTURE"


Color poster promoting the 1926 American silent drama film "The Fire Brigade", in which a young Irish firefighter named Terry O'Neil (Charles Ray) falls in love with Helen Corwin (May McAvoy), their relationship growing complicated when he learns that her father, a wealthy contractor, has a practice of cutting building costs by forgoing fire safety and putting his buildings in danger of fire. This poster features portraits of Terry and Helen against a backdrop of burning buildings, with stylized title text and tagline "THE EPIC PHOTOPLAY OF THE HEROES OF PEACE". The premise of this movie may have been influenced by the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, which occurred in New York City in 1911 and caused the deaths of nearly 150 workers. 

Printer: Berkshire poster Co., 136-146 W. 52nd St., N.Y., U.S.A.

Condition: Please note tears, creases, and holes, as well as some stains and discoloration.

Material: Cardboard

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