Gand et la Flandre Orientale Poster ✓

Belgium, c. 1955
25 x 40 in (62 x 100 cm)

Title: Ghent and East Flanders

Vintage Belgian posters highlighting the various cities of East Flanders, the most famous being Ghent but with many more worthwhile sites like Grammont and Renaix on offer. The poster's illustration is nothing short of engaging, with small images of Belgian architecture accompanying each city name.

"Visitez en Belgique" (Visit Belgium)

Artist: Herman Verbaere

Printer: O. De Rycker, Bruxelles

Year: c. 1955

Condition: Good, please note scratches in the upper right corner and a tear in the upper left

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

*updated 2022

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