Gli Spogliati

Italy, 1971

39 x 55 in (99 x 140 cm)


Title - Virgin Lovers

Director - Denis Heroux

Starring - Jacques Riberolles, Louise Marleau, Guilda, Jean Pierre Compain, Celine Bernier, Ovila Legare, Charlotte Boisjoly, Germaine Giroux, Denise Proulx

Italian film poster.

Please note that the poster has a minor tear at bottom border and top border, also missing a small piece on the letter A of the Word Ma

100-250 almost perfect art drama film film poster fire head tilted italian italy kissing kissing neck lei casta lovers ma terribilmente uomo! man movie movie poster naked nun original posters priest pure puro quasi terribilmente donna! piu forte side profile sin size-39x55 stronger terrible terrible man terrible woman the stripped together vintage vintage posters woman

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