Heute Schlachtfest poster ✓


18 x 22 in (46 x 56 cm)


Title: Heute Schlachtfest

Translation: "Today is a slaughter feast"

This poster portrays a festive scene where elves are engaged in the traditional German celebration known as "Schlachtfest." During this event, friends and family come together to partake in the slaughter of a pig, followed by the preparation and enjoyment of delectable pork dishes. 

Printer / Publisher: Druck u.Verlag v.C Burckardt's Nachf.Weissenburg (Els.) 

Year: c.1900

Condition: Good, note the small crease above the letter h.

This poster is line-backed on canvas. 

250-500 German Cultural Celebration German Tradition germany pig Schlachtfest size-18-x-22 slaughter vintage posters