It's Up To All Of Us! America's Wealth Is Our Ability To Produce

38 x 23 in (97 x 58 cm)

ID #101438

 This  collection focuses on the vision of life that middle class American families aimed towards. Founded in the 1920's. The Sheldon-Claire Company of Chicago produced a series of posters that raised awareness for the war and emphasized cooperation of patriotic individuals for the purpose of the greater good. This particular poster series calls for those who are employed to work to their full productive potential. A major reason for the emphasis on hard work and cooperation is because of an unprecedented number of workplace strikes in the years following World War II (Bird 78).


Bird, William L, and Rubenstein, Harry R, Design for Victory: World War II Posters on the American Home Front.


1940 1947 250-500 Arandell Litho business commerce labor medium money one holding paper wearing hat Original other with glasses size-38x23 two men United States US unknown work work ethic work incentive