Au Grand Condé Poster

France, c. 1890s

35 x 50 in (89 x 127 cm)


"Au Grand Condé / J. Castoul & F. Cavagnino Tailleurs / Maison spéciale pour le costume sur mesure en belle draperie d'elbeuf depuis 45fr"


A beautiful poster advertising the tailoring services of J. Castoul & F. Cavagnino in their store Au Grand Condé. The poster depicts a bustling town against the backdrop of their business in Toulon, France.

Printer: Courbe-Rouzet (est. 1864)

Year: c. 1890s

Condition: Very good; linen-backing on canvas has diminished many of the imperfections of the original paper, but restoration can be seen in the top middle and bottom right corner most notably. Please enlarge the image to see the extent of past damage/imperfections before purchasing.

Please note that this poster is linen-backed on canvas. Email us at for more details.

500-1000 clothing fashion france french horizontal original poster size-35-x-50 tailor toulon turn of the century vintage vintage poster

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