Joseph Beuys - Wasserfarben

Joseph Beuys

25 x 32 in (63 x 81 cm)

ID #101763

Poster of the cover of a catalog of Joseph Beuys' watercolors from 1936-1963.

Joseph Beuys was one of the most influential artists of the late 20th Century. He was a German artist most famous for his sculptures and performance art. Recognized for his avant-garde and political approach to art, Beuys' work has been exhibited across Europe and America, with retrospectives in museums like the Guggenheim and Tate Modern. After serving in the airforce in World War II, Beuys returned to art school and became involved with the Fluxus art group during the 60's. This group of radical artists wanted to expand the definition of art, believing art should be created with the intention of transforming the world socially and politically. 

Although Joseph Beuys is best known for his sculptures, it is with his drawings and watercolors that he was most prolific. Over 10,000 of Beuys drawings are on record in existence, with themes as varied as the trauma of war to the cycle of rebirth and mediums as varied as watercolor to chocolate. In his abstract watercolors, like the one pictured on the poster, Beuys is able unite elements of primitive imagery with modern art. 


Artist: Joseph Beuys

Years: 1936-1963


Joseph Beuys. Wasserfarben. 1936-1963. Deutsch/Englisch. Autoren Franz Joseph Van Der Grinten. Hans Van Der Grinten. Edition Heiner Bastian Im Propylaen Verlag. 

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