Journée du Puy de Dôme

A. Willette
France - 1916

31 x 45 in (79 x 113 cm)



Journee Puy de Dôme 

(Vercingétorix, soldier at the front)

Soldier's Packet

January 23, 1916

Home-cooked food, clothes, and love fly through the air to the soldiers on the front lines.  Women and children are urged to support the troops by mailing all kinds of goodies they miss from home.

Interestingly, the package in the middle of the scene is addressed to Vercingetorix, a hero of the ancient Gaul tribe.  He united the Gauls in a revolt against the Romans and even though they were eventually defeated, he remains very much a hero of French culture.  This allusion gives strength to the French army, as if each one of them is a strong and fearless as this defiant warrior.  

1916 500-1000 A. Willette c. 1910 duty family FR France FR WWI france french horizontal love medium Original patriotism size-31x44-5 sketch soldiers vintage poster war Willette world war one ww1 wwi

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