Air Raid Warning and Blackout Instructions Poster

USA, 1942

14 x 11 in (36 x 28 cm)

ID #FF19D-PK21-S

"Air Raid Warning and Blackout Instructions / The signal adopted for blackouts and air-raid warnings is a succesion of rising and falling tones from the sirens for approximately two minutes. A forty-five second ringing of the class bells will precede siren signal far enough to allow time for removal of all persons to safety areas. The beginning of the black out period will be signalled by three rings of the class bells simultaneously with the siren, at which time all building lights shall be turned off. Lights shall remain off until the all-clear signal is given by one ring of the class bells simultaneously with one long blast of the siren. Classes and all other groups will proceed to dseignated safety areas and remain there under the direction of the instructional staff and building leaders until the all-clear signal."

These instructions come from the IV and XII Civilian Defense Manual, November 1st, 1942 Edition.

Condition: Poor; please note folding of edges, paper creasing, and discoloration throughout.

Material: Paper

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