Kina Lillet Poster

France, 1904

39 x 54 in (99 x 137 cm)

ID #FRLB100067

 Vintage French poster advertising the aperitif Kina-Lillet. Illustrated is an elegant woman, gesturing at a larger than life bottle of Lillet.

"La vraie marque. Demandez un Lilet." (The real brand. Ask for a Lilet.)

Artist: J. Stall

Printer: Reunies, Levalles

Year: 1904

Condition: Excellent

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

1000-2500 39 x 54 in / 99 x 137.2 cm alcohol antique poster aperitif beverage bitter blue blue red yellow brown drink drink vintage poster fan FR France france french french poster Kina Lillet large bottle lilet lillet liquor medium Original original poster quinquina size-39x54 two glasses vintage poster wine woman

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