L'Emprunt National 1920 - Produit - 6%

France - 1920 - imp. Aubaud & Salade
30 x 41 in (75 x 104 cm)
ID #FR21


War Bonds 1920 - 6% Yield

This piece of wartime propaganda was meant to inspire the French people to purchase war bonds and fund the recovery in the aftermath of WWI. This sweet portrait of a nanny cradling six babies in her skirt highlights the importance of buying bonds--to protect our families and our children.  

DP - 07/2019

1920 500-1000 babies bank banque c. 1920 children emprunt national family finance France french green infants Jordaan & Cie Louis Raemaekers medium money national loan Original products red Rue St. Georges size-29-5x41 vintage poster vintage posters yellow