La Cire a Cacheter a Mèche

Louis Morin
France - c. 1900

37 x 48 in (93 x 122 cm)

ID #LB39x55-Z-79

Il y a meche! Plus de brulures aux doigts! Plus de vetements brules! Plus de bureaux brules! Demandez chez tous les libraires, papetiers. La Cire a Cacheter a Meche. I. Lambert. 

Translation: There's a wick! No more finger burns! No more clothing burns! No more desk burns! Ask at your bookstores, and paper stores for wick sealing wax. 

Artist: Louis Morin

Year: c.1900

Condition: Good, please note restoration done in the top right corner and discoloration near the top left corner

Linen-backed on canvas

500-1000 advertisement bookstore burn candle fire france french paris size-36-5x48 toc turn of the century wax wick woman

More from $500 to $1,000