La France Compte Sur Ses Artisans

France - 1942

32 x 42 in (80 x 107 cm)

ID #FRLB1003


France Counts on its Artisans

The artisan community is one of France's living forces and I attach to its conservation, to its development, to its improvement, a very particular importance.


How can one divide that which is united by work?  In reality, we don't ask this question.  That is why the charter of work, artisans, that your integration in general professional orgainations will be realized in saving the social unity of the artisan community.


Your problem to resolve, artisans, is a problem of regrouping in those communities that guarantee you the force given by the union within each profession.  Abandon, then, the ancient divisions that separate you, artisans of the same profession, in rival associations.


P.H. Pétain 


1942 500-1000 artisan artisanal c. 1940 c. 1942 FR France France french medium men Original politic political politics red size-31-5x42 socialism socialist union unionization vintage poster vintage posters work working