La France Ignorée Travel Poster ✓

France, c. 1925

25 x 39 in (62 x 98 cm)


"La Merveille Naturelle Ouvert Toute L'Annee, Syndicat d'Initiative de Mazamet, Mazamet - Courniou - St. Pons -  Grotte De La Deveze"

Translation: The Ignored France, Natural Wonder Open All Year Round, Mazamet Tourist Office, Mazamet - Courniou - Cave of Deveze

This bright red travel poster advertises communes in French that are lovely but under-visited. It highlights an attraction of Courniou -- a cave of salt icicles also called The Palace of Glass Spinner. Pictured here, these icicles are bizarre and outlandish -- who wouldn't want to visit this cave?  

Artist: G. Hebraud

Printer: Lucien Serre 

Condition: Excellent

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas. 


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