La Journee De Galipaux ✓


48 x 67 in (122 x 170 cm)


Full Title: Prochainement Representation Extraordinaire De Galipaux -- La Journee De Galipaux

Translation: Coming soon, extraordinary Performance Of Galipaux -- The Day Of Galipaux.

Condition: Good. Please note the upper right corner was pieced in and restored. The poster is linen-backed on acid-free paper and canvas. 

Description:  "La journée de Galipaux" was created by artist JOB to promote a performance of the play "Galipaux Médor". 

JOB was a prolific French illustrator and poster artist, known for his witty and humorous designs. He created numerous posters and illustrations for a variety of products, events, and publications, and was especially well-known for his work in the satirical newspaper Le Rire. 

This poster is linen-backed on acid-free paper and canvas.  


2500-5000 comedy france french horizontal JOURNAL oversize oversized paris size-48x67 theater