La Journée de Pasteur

French - 1922

32 x 48 in (80 x 121 cm)



Pasteur Day

For the benefit of french laboratories

"If the conquests useful to humanity touch your heart, if you are jealous on behalf of your country that it can claim in the flourishing of these marvels, take interest, I beg you, in these sacred dwellings that we have designated with the meaningful name of Laboratories.  Ask that we multiply them and ornament them: these are the temples of the future"  (Pasteur, 1871)

Sunday, May 27

Frenchmen, Frenchwomen, buy, buy these badges, works of our great artists, to promote the development of national science and assure the security of the country. 


DP 07/20


1922 500-1000 art blue c.1920 discovery FR France france french future Laboratories Louis Pasteur medicine medium Original Rapin science size-31-5x47-5 vintage poster yellow