La Veillée des Tombes

France - c. 1918
31 x 47 in (79 x 119 cm)


In memory of the Belgian soldiers who died for their country

French union  for Belgium and the Allied countries and their friends

Under the patronage of the President of the Republic

and the king of Belgium

president-founder, countess Greffulhe born Caraman-Chimay

[Unity makes strength]

In The Church of Saint Sulpice

Tuesday, December 19 at 4:30

The vigil of the graves

Solemn ceremony

With the support and under the direction of 

Mr. Ch. M. Widor Institute member

who holds the Grand Organ

and iof M.M. Bellenot & Huberty

Short speech by R.P. Hénusse

chaplain of the Belgian front lines

A reserved place gets a commemorative medal from LALIQUE

with text from the Countess of NOAILLES in vermeil. } 50 Francs

A spot in the nave gets the same medal in silver -- 20 Fr

A spot in the ambulatory gets the same medal in bronze -- 10 Fr

Side aisles -- 5 and 2 Francs

Purchase tickets:

from Mr. Lalique. 24 Place Vendôme

from Jamarin Galleries. 15 Avenue des Champs-Elysées

from Durand. Editor, 4 Place de la Madeleine

from the sacristy of Saint Sulpice

The revenue of this ceremony will be donated to the War Union charity and the Mercy charity of S. Em. le Cardinal Mercier

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