Le Globe Trotter

France, c.1904

41 x 61 in (104 x 155 cm)


Full Title: Le Globe Trotter / Journal Illustre 16 PAGES Sous Couverture _ 15 Centimes / publie Le Secret Du Volcan par Andre Laurie et Knick-Knack Club par E.A. Spoll

Translation: The Globe Trotter / Illustrated newspaper 16 PAGES Under Cover _ 15 pennies / publishes Le Secret Du Volcan by Andre Laurie and Knick-Knack Club by E.A. Spoll

Artist: Louis Tauzan

Printer: F. Champenos Paris France

Condition: Excellent

Year: c.1904


Please note that the poster is linen backed

500-1000 france french horizontal hunter hunting landscape size-41x61 tiger

More from $500 to $1,000