Le Pélican Fraisse Vétements poster ✓

France, C.1935

48 x 64 in (121 x 161 cm)

ID #FRLB-63x47TABLEJ-3084

Title - Le Pelican Fraisse Vetements

The poster showcases a fashionable young boy wearing an elegant brown suit, highlighting the distinctive design philosophy of Vetements Le pélican. This well-known French fashion brand was situated at 7, Rue Alphand in Grenoble.

Printer: Pub. R.L Dupuy 

Year: c. 1935 

Condition: Good, note minor creases o the left corner.

This poster is linen backed on canvas. Email us at postermuseum@gmail.com for more details.

500-1000 Children's clothing french fashion original posters size-47-5x63-5 suit Vetements Le pélican