Le Plan de 3 Ans Poster

France, 1939

29 x 22 in (74 x 56 cm)

ID #FF16CPK6-Z-06

Title: The 3 Year Plan

"Les Pessimistes parce qu'ils ont l'habitude de l'échec nient le redressement de la France qu'admire l'étranger. Réponds leur... La France travaille davantage. Hier avant les décrets lois du 12 Novembre 3 ouvriers sur 100 faisaient des heures supplémentaires. Aujourd'hui 35 ouvriers sur 100 font des heures supplémentaires. Résultats d'autant plus significatifs que dans la même temps le chômage a diminué. La France exporte davantag. Ces chiffres démontrent que la reprise de l'activité générale n'est pas limitée aux Industries de Défense Nationale." (The Pessimists, because they are used to failure, deny the recovery of France which the foreigner admires. Answer them ... France is working more. Yesterday before the decrees of November 12, 3 workers out of 100 worked overtime. Today 35 out of 100 workers work overtime. The results are all the more significant since, at the same time, unemployment has decreased. France exports more. These figures show that the takeover of the general activist is not limited to National Defense Industries.)

Original vintage poster released by the French Ministry of Finance. The poster aims to convince the French populace of the success of the current French government at recovering the national economy. As evidence of this booming economy, the poster cites the fact that more French workers are working overtime than ever. Can't say that statistic makes it sound like French workers are doing too well financially—perhaps not the Ministry of Finance's best argument.

Year: 1939

Condition: Good, please note creases, a small tear in the upper right corner, and some minor browning on areas of the poster. The appearance of creases and tears can be improved by having the poster linen-backed.

This poster is on paper, but please note that we offer linen-backing for an additional cost. Email us at postermuseum@gmail.com to inquire.

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