Le Puy Poster ✓

France, 1925

31 x 42 in (79 x 107 cm)


Vintage French travel poster for le Puy, a village in the south of France. The poster is illustrated in a refreshing modern style, the woman at the forefront almost appearing to have been constructed out of flat cut-outs, collage-style. 

"Paris - Lyon - Mediterranee. Etape des autocars P.L.M. entre Grenoble & Vichy." (Paris - Lyon - Mediterranean. P.L.M. Stagecoaches between Grenoble & Vichy.)

Artist: J. de la Neziere

Printer: Blondel la Rougery, Paris

Year: 1925

Condition: Very good, please note minor scratch on the bottom right side

Poster is linen-backed on canvas


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