Le Rire, La Preparation au Bar Poster

France, 1907
9 x 12 in (23 x 30 cm)

Title: The Laugh, The Preparation at the Bar

"Le grand chic moderne: l'élevage au chalumeau." (The great modern chic: torch breeding.)

Original vintage cover from Le Rire, a satirical French magazine. Le Rire was founded in the Belle Epoque by Felix Juven and ran from 1894-1971. It was the most successful humorous periodical of its time. This cover illustration on this edition has a go at some cruder humor: an uppity toddler drinks breast milk a straw's distance away.

Artist: Benjamin Rabier

Year: 1907

Condition: Very good, please note some restoration along the upper left border

Please note this poster is linen-backed on canvas

magazine original poster periodical satire size-9x12 toc turn of the century vintage poster

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