Loterie Nationale Moissons Poster

16 x 23 in (41 x 58 cm)


 Translation: National Lottery, Harvest

This goofy original vintage poster advertises a farmer winning the French national lottery. This year's crop of choice? Money. In the distinctive style of the artist, this yellow poster is bound to bring a smile to your face. The 3D font is an especially cool design choice. 

Artist: Derouet Lasacq

Printer: Lafayette

Condition: Fair, yellowed borders, darkened/faded colors, a smudge on the top right.

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas.

1930 1939 250-500 agriculture art deco black brown cheer Derouet and Lesacq design product farmer finance FR France france french grey joy jump Lafayette loterie Loterie Nationale- MOISSONS lottery money orange Original 1939 product sickle size-16x23 small sweat vintage posters yellow