M. Edouard Colonne Poster

France, 1889
28 x 44 in (71 x 112 cm)
"Avec le concours de Mme Mathilde Romi, Contralto-Solo des Sociétés Chorales... et des choeurs de l'association artistique de Châtelet. Orchestre et Choeurs: 1,200 Exécutants sous la direction de M. Edouard Colonne chef des choeurs: M. Alfred Fock... Représentation Publique et Gratuite au Palais de L'Industrie (Champs-Elysees)" (With the assistance of Mme Mathilde Romi, Contralto-Solo of the Societies Chorales ... and the choirs of the artistic association of Chatelet. Orchestra and Choirs: 1,200 Performers under the direction of Mr. Edouard Colonne choir director: Mr. Alfred Fock ... Public and Free Representation at the Palais de L'Industrie (Champs-Elysees))

This turn-of-the-century original poster advertises classical music performances with two of the greats of the era, a Contralto and a Conductor. The bold font makes this poster quite eye-catching. This vintage poster is quite rare and over a century old.

Printer: V. Durdilly et Cie, Paris

Year: 1889

Condition: Good considering age. Tear on the left side, fold that runs down the middle as well as other folds

This poster can be linen-backed on canvas for an additional charge. Please email postermuseum@gmail.com for more information.

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