Machine a Laver Philips Automatique


45 x 61 in (114 x 155 cm)


Full title: Machine a Laver Philips Automatique / plus de temps libre pour le bonheur des votres

Translation: Philips Automatic Washing Machine / more free time for the happiness of yours

Artist: Saint-Genies

Year: 1965

Condition: Excellent

Description: This poster was likely created to promote the Philips brand's automatic washing machine, emphasizing the convenience and time-saving benefits it offers. The idea conveyed is that by using the Philips automatic washing machine, individuals would have more time to spend with their families and engage in activities that bring them happiness. The image of a mom with a stroller could symbolize the ease and convenience of using the washing machine, allowing her more time to focus on her family and daily activities.

Philips is a well-known brand in the field of electronics and appliances, and they have a history of manufacturing a wide range of household products.

This poster is linen-backed on acid-free paper and canvas.  

1000-2500 ad advertisement appliance appliances french home appliance home appliances product size-45x61 washing machine

More from $1,000 to $2,500