Mähle Sozialdempfratisch Poster

Austria, c. 1940
36 x 27 in (91 x 69 cm)
ID #FF12B-PK8-L-#08
"Mutter! Denk An Mich! Mähle Sozialdempfratisch!" (Mother! Remember me! Grind Social Democratic!)

This great piece of propaganda advertises voting for a socialist party, claiming that it is what the children of the country need. The style of this poster is great -- truly an historical artifact.

Artist: Kirchbach

Year: c. 1940

Please note this can be linen-backed on canvas for an additional price. Please email postermuseum@gmail.com for more information.

Condition: Poor, missing many pieces and has tape stains. Would benefit from linen-backing.

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