Marguerite Deval - Messalinette

L. Lucien Faure
France - c.1880 - imp. Charles Verneau, 14 rue Oberkampf

31 x 45 in (79 x 114 cm)

ID #FR15


This turn of the century poster by Lucien Faure depicts beautiful Marguerite Deval fending off the advances of her male costar in the production of Messalinette by P. L. Flers shown every night at the renowned Scala. Music by Rodolphe Berger.

1000-2500 chair drama France french imp. Charles Verneau L. Lucien Faure Marguerite Deval medium Messalinette orange Original P. L. Flers pearls Rodolphe Berger Scala size-31x45 theater theatre turn of the century vintage poster vintage posters