Mons Poster ✓

Belgium, 1946

25 x 38 in (64 x 97 cm)


Vintage Belgian poster for the Lumecon Fair in Mons, Belgium, a fair more commonly referred to by the name the Ducasse de Mons. This historic fair traces its roots back to the 14th Century, and since 1352 has been held every year on Trinity Sunday. One of the main events of the fair, illustrated here, is the recreation of the Lumecon, a biblical battle between Saint George and the dragon. 

"Le Dimanche de la Trinity venez voir la fete folklorique du Lumecon. Comabt dit Lumecon." (Trinity Sunday come see the folkloric Lumecon Festival. Battle of Lumecon.)

Artist: Henri Leonard

Year: 1946

Condition: Good, please note some restoration done along the border

Poster is linen-backed on canvas


*updated 2022

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