Monsieur Dumollet Poster

France, c. 1922

32 x 47 in (81 x 119 cm)


"Livret de Victor Jannet, Musique de Louis Urgel, Couplets de Hugues Delorme, Operette en 3 Actes"

Translation: Libretto by Victor Jannet, Music by Louis Urgel, Couplets by Hugues Delorme, Operetta in 3 Acts

The vintage original poster promotes a French operetta. The very 1920's-esque couple sits in the middle of the print as an ominous figure shrouds them, alluding to an action-packed showing. The colors of this poster are just greatm from a mustard yellow coat to the woman's rosy dress. This operetta was composed by one of the few female composers of the time, Louis Urgel.

Artist: Mich

Printer: Publicite Wall

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas. 

Condition: Excellent, some light staining and color fading due to age

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