Morgen Schlachtfest!- man riding a pig ✓


23 x 17 in (58 x 43 cm)


Title: Morgen Schlachtfest! Morgen giebt es gute Wurst und einen Tropfen für den Durst. 

Translation: "Tomorrow is a slaughter feast! Tomorrow, there will be good sausage and a drop to quench the thirst."

This whimsical poster is promoting a traditional German event known as a "Schlachtfest," which involves the butchering of a pig, followed by the preparation and enjoyment of pork dishes.

Printer / Publisher: Druck u.Verlag v.C Burckardt's Nachf.Weissenburg (Elsass.)

Year: c.1900

Condition: Excellent

This poster is linen-backed on canvas. 

250-500 animal german original posters pig size-23x17