Mussolini Poster

Germany, c. 1935
23 x 33 in (58 x 84 cm)

"De vijf werelddeelen zullen sidderen voor de fascistische macht. Gij zult Abyssinie veroveren, en bezitten!"

Translation: The five continents will tremble before fascist power. Thou shalt conquer and possess Abyssinia!

Original poster promoting Mussolini's invasion of Al-Habash, the horn of Africa. This is a really interesting look at wartime propaganda from fascist regimes, as well as the state of geography in the early 1900s.

Artist: W. Seqhers

Printer: Patria N.V., Antwerpen

Year: c. 1935

Condition: Good

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas.

500-1000 advertisement battle fascist foreign invasion propaganda size-23x33 war WWII