Musical Story Film Poster ✓

Russia, 1940

26 x 29 in (65 x 74 cm)



Vintage film poster for the Russian musical comedy film "Musical History." In pre-war Leningrad, a theater troupe is putting on a production of the opera Eugene Onegin—drama ensues. 

Directors: Aleksandr Ivanovsky, Gerbert Rappaport

Stars: Sergei Lemeshev, Zoya Fyodorova, Nikolai Konovalov

Year: 1940

Condition: Good, faded due to age with some minor restoration visible 

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

1940 25.5 x 29 in / x cm 500-1000 dance dancers design entertainment fair condition film film design entertainment foreign film Linen backed medium MY3blKANbHAR NCTOPNR orange face Original 1940 purple RU Russia Russian russian film show yellow size-25-5x29 some wear on edges but otherwise great image and design soviet union vintage poster yellow