Soviet Pregnancy Poster

25 x 38 in (64 x 97 cm)

ID #100776

" ОБЕРЕГАЙТЕ ЖЕНЩИНУ-МАТЬ / Созяин бережет свою жеребую лошадь и стельную КОРОВУ. но не жалеет беременную жену. Крестьянин! Освободи ее от трудной работы, не давай подымать тяжести - это губит ее и ребенка"

English translation: "PROTECT YOUR MOTHER WOMAN / The owner takes care of his foal horse and the pregnant COW. but does not feel sorry for the pregnant wife. Peasant! Free her from hard work, do not let him lift weights - this is ruining her and the child." 

Image: A pregnant woman labors on a farm while her useless husband watches. 

Condition: Poor

Material: Paper

25 x 38 in / x cm 250-500 agriculture animals beverage blue brown chickens cows farm food green medium milk orange Original propaganda red RU Russia Russian size-25x38 Soviet Union vintage poster

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