Our Country Needs Ships Poster

U.S.A, 1917

24 x 18 in (61 x 46 cm)

ID #FF16CPK5-Z-05

"To carry our boys 'Over There' and keep them well supplied with Food, Clothing, and the Munitions of War. The product made in this plant is used for building ships. The ships can be completed only as fast as the material and equipment for each ship arrives at the shipyard. If every man does a better day's work every day, the ships can be built faster. Be true to the boys who are giving their lives for you. United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation."

Original vintage poster from World War I featuring a sketch of a shipyard in the top quarter. This poster was intended to be hung in shipping plants to encourage workers to build ships as fast as they possibly can so the U.S. military can get our boys over there as fast as they possibly can.

Artist: Herbert W. Meyer

Printer: Thomsen-Ellis Co. Baltimore, New York

Year: 1917

Condition: Good, please note some creases and minor tears along the right hand border. The appearance of creases and tears can be improved by having the poster linen-backed.

This poster is on paper, but please note that we offer linen-backing for an additional cost. Email us at postermuseum@gmail.com to inquire.

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