Over-Exposed Film Poster

U.S.A, 1956

27 x 48 in (69 x 122 cm)


Over-Exposed vintage film poster. Expose! The confidential story behind the blackmail photo racket. Curves, camera, and no conscience... that's all she needs to get to the top. 

Director - Lewis Seiler

Starring - Richard Crenna, Cleo Moore, Richard Crenna, Isobel Elsom

Condition- Excellent

Please note that the poster is linen backed

250-500 art camera captured columbia picture confidential story behind the blackmail photo racket! crime film curves expose! film film poster man men movie movie poster no conscience original posters pose sexy shooting the photos no one else dares to take! sitting size-27x48 u.s. usa vintage vintage posters woman woman abducted women