Pæstvm Travel Poster ✓

Italy, 1952

27 x 40 in (69 x 102 cm)


"Pæstvm, Museo Nazionale, Apertura: Novembre 1952, Ente Provinciale per il Turismo - Salerno"

Paestum, National Museum, Opening: November 1952, Provincial Tourist Board - Salerno

This beautiful white and sky blue poster promotes a museum about Paestum, an Ancient Greek temple from about 550 BC. The museum was in Salerno Italy, and focused on the Doric columns and archaic Greek architecture that Paestum is so famous for. 

Artist: Romoli Genova

Printer: Saiga gia Barabino & Graeve Genova

Condition: Good, some light staining and folds

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas. 


*Updated 2022

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