Parmagiano Reggiano Bertozzi Poster

Luciano Achille Mauzan
Italy, 1930

39 x 55 in (99 x 140 cm)

ID #39x55FOOD-DRINK-Z-41

Rare and beautifully designed Bertozzi poster printed in Milan, 1930. The three figures in the image sniff the cheese to decide if it is ripe for sale. Bertozzi was founded in 1901 in Parma, Italy. The company continues to make the finest quality aged cheeses to this day.  Luciano Achille Mauzan (1883-1952) is a French/Italian decorative illustrator and poster designer who designed more than 2,000 posters during his career. He is known for a style marked by humor and a vibrant color palette. 

Artist: Luciano Achille Mauzan

Year: 1930

Condition:  Excellent

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

1930 2500-5000 39 x 55 in / 99 x 139.7 cm advertisement alice antique poster bertozzi beverage cheese dairy food france french green red yellow IT IT Italy Drink large IT Italy food large three judges sniffing cheese green red yellow italian italian poster Italy Italy IT judges Luciano Achille Mauzan Mauzan medium Original parma Parmagiano Reggiano Bertozzi parmesan parmigiano reggiano size-39x55 vintage poster