PBLB What's Your Batting Average Print

24 x 36 in (61 x 91 cm)

ID #101333

 "What's your batting average? Are you hitting the ball or fanning the breeze? Are you using your know-how to add to your score? Your value to the team is up to you!" 

Original poster from 1948 Produce Better, Live Better (PBLB) campaign intended to increase American productivity. 

Poster design by Victor B. Wells

250-500 Author: H. Armstrong Roberts baseball baseball game batter starting to run Bibliography: Cast: catcher and umpire behind Categories: workethic sports Country: United States US Countrysubject: Decade: 1940 Description: sports Descriptionbkg: DescriptionColor: DescriptionGenre: sports DescriptionTheme: baseball Director: Genre: work incentive OriginalTitle: Originalyear: Printer: Arandell Litho Producer: Production: Remarks: size-24x36 Size: 38 x 23 in / 96.5 x 58.5 cm sports Year: 1948