Pens and Electric Illumination and Motors

16 x 20 in (41 x 51 cm)


This Collection is a part of "The Growth of Industrial Art" printed in 1890 by the U.S. Patent Office. These tools and modes of production changed people's way of life as well as how they interacted with a rapidly changing world.

"The Romans forbade the use of the metal stylus, because to many persons used them as daggers, and substituted those made of the bones of birds". -excerpt from Pens

"Electricity is derived from the Greek elektron, meaning amber, that being the first substance in which the existence of an electric fluid capable of being excited and accumulated was observed by Thales, of Miletus in 600 B.C.". -excerpt from  Electric Illumination and Motors

53 on one side, 54 on back side.

Please note: Some posters in this collection have missing pieces and tears on the margin

50-100 electricity history learning light motors pens romans science size-16-x-20-in stylus writing

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