House Rent Party Film Poster ✓

27 x 40 in (69 x 102 cm)

 House Rent Party vintage film poster from 1940s. A riot of laffs, a pair of flat foot floogies, hot dickety! Sing, swing, entertainment that's "hep" and sizzling. 

Director: Sam Newfield

Stars: John Rastus Murray, Claude Demetri, Rudolph Toombs

Condition: Good

Please note the poster is linen-backed on canvas

250-500 black black film cinema Claude Demetri colored cast comedy dance film film cinema film film US black dance music House-Rent Party John Rastus Murray medium movies Original Pigmeat Alamo Markham Rudolph Toombs size-27-25x40-25 Ted Toddy Toddy Pictures US United States

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