Premiers Signes

France c. 1940

15 x 23 in (38 x 58 cm)

ID #BB0F6-01

French poster from the Secretary of Health and the National Committee Against Tuberculosis warning of early signs of the disease. The text lists possible symptoms (cough, spitting blood, loss of strength and appetite, weight loss, persistent fever) and states that as soon as they show up, one must go get examined right away. Subtext also lists types of exams needed to see if a person has tuberculosis. The image shows a young boy getting checked out by a doctor.

Artist: Edmond Maurus

Printed: Imprimerie des Beaux Arts Rue Dareau Paris.

Condition: Fair; there is yellowing, folding, and some tearing at the bottom.

250-500 doctor French health medicine original poster poster size-15-x-23 vintage

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