Pret D Honneur Aux Aveugles De La Guerre

32 x 47 in (81 x 119 cm)
ID #100480

Central Office of Charitable Works

Recognized as Promoting the Public Interest by Decree of June 3, 1896

175 Boulevard St. Germain

Exposition-Sale of Paintings

Offered by artists in favor of the section of 

Personal loans for those blinded in the war

From May 10 to May 31

Gallery Nunès and Fiquet

90, Avenue Malakoff

The chemical weapons so heavily used in WWI would often leave soldiers with blindness and burns. We see here how these long-term effects do not just maim the combatants, but come home to their families. 

With his eyes shut tight, a father holds his daughters. Even though he was the only one blinded, the artist chose not to give the children eyes either. Instead defining pupils and irises, the two little girls stare out at us from black voids, showing how the war has affected the whole country.  

500-1000 artist Author: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen Bibliography: brown Cast: Categories: artist exhibition war children Country: FR France Countrysubject: FR France Decade: 1910 Description: vintage poster Descriptionbkg: green DescriptionColor: paint DescriptionGenre: vintage poster DescriptionTheme: green Director: exhibition french Genre: vintage poster green honoring the blinded in combat horizontal Horizontal: yes OriginalTitle: Pret d€°ۡ³?ˆHonneur Aux Aveugles de la Guerre Originalyear: Printer: Producer: product Production: Remarks: size-32x47 Size: 47 x 32 in / 120 x 89 cm soldier t o c Theophile Alexandre Steinlen turn of the century war Year: 1917