Produits Lavocat Poster

France, 1950

22 x 35 in (56 x 89 cm)


"Force, Energie par les Produits Lavocat, aliments irradies" Strength, Energy by Lavocat Products, irradiated foods.

This movement-filled food advertisement is a historical artifact. It boasts about their "irradiated" food, or food that has been exposed to radiation. This was a new invention in the 1950s and was thought to have huge health benefits over non-irradiated food. Even today, it has been shown that the radiation allows the absence of microbes and harmful bacteria, which can prevent viruses and illness. 

Printer: Fort. Lyon

Artist: H. Prost

Condition: Excellent 

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas. 


*Updated 2022

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