Die Drei Gracieu Lithograph

1937 (?)

15 x 10 in (38 x 25 cm)

ID #FF19C-PK8-2-LZ

"Die Drei Gracieu"

A portrait of three women with "Die Drei Gracieu" written at the bottom ("The Three Graces"). The figures are presumed to be Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia; the Charites, three daughters of Zeus. They are depicted as nude figures cast in shadow, looking over a body of water with various boats from beneath a tree. Little is known about the artist, named Audor/Andor Hegedús, possibly Hungarian.

Artist: A. Hegedús

Condition: Please note minor creasing and some brown stains at the corners of the piece.

Material: Paper

20th century 250-500 greek lithograph mythology poster roman size-15-x-10 vintage poster women zeus